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IWF 2012 New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase was a special area where attendees of IWF 2012 were able to stop to preview the latest developments in products and product lines in machinery, supplies, services, and upholostery that have been introduced since IWF 2010. The showcase was located in Building B of the Georgia World Congress Center near the New Technology Theatre and was on display throughout the duration of IWF 2012. You can still view the products that were on display as they are listed below.


IWF 2012 New Product Showcase Participants

Participants are listed alphabetically

Air Handling Systems NEW 360 Degree Quick Flexhose Disconnect (QFD) Booth 5800

Air Handling Systems new 360 Quick Flexhose Disconnect (QFD) creates an easier way of connecting flexible hose to hood collar or duct run. Now you can clamp at any point (360 degrees) saving time in connecting. Just unsnap to remove quickly. Simply installs to flexible hose with hose clamp.

Air Handling Systems 4" Floor Sweep Booth 5800

Improved more function design. Air Handling Systems Floor Sweep facilitates clean-up when located near a machine where sufficient dust collection is difficult. At the end of the day, simply sweep dust into the Floor Sweep.


Armor Tool Group Peg Clamp Table System Booth 4144

Now you can take your clamping system to any worksite or keep in a shop creating the perfect work- station. Increase productivity with an economical solution. The Armor Peg Clamp Table System is versatile and can easily be carried to the jobsite due to the lightweight stable design. The uniform ¾ inch hole pattern makes for fast clamping using Armor clamps and fences. Use with adjustable leg extension full height, medium height or folded in for easy transportation.

BESSEY Tools North America BESSEY® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp Booth 4534

The Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp from BESSEY® Tools brings significant innovation to the toggle clamp market. The special feature is the automatic, continuously variable adjustment to different work piece heights and widths; while the clamping force remains virtually unchanged. One toggle clamp from BESSEY® can replace a lot of other clamps.

BESSEY Tools North America BESSEY® AV2 Flooring Clamp Booth 4534

For laying solid wood and laminate flooring without any wedges. Insert between the wall and the first row of flooring. Adjustable to compensate for wall irregularities and removal is a quick turn of the dial to release pressure. Use the NEW BESSEY® Floor Spacer for a fast simple set up.

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. BVC Replacement Vacuum Cup MM45160K2 Booth 4727

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc is proud to release the new 1/3 cup for our MM series. This cup is 45x160mm running along the Y axis. This cup is available in 50 and 100mm tall for the pod & rail routers.

Biesse America Biesse Roxyl Booth 6735, 6769

The Biesse Roxyl is a flexible edgebander guaranteed to give you a perfect finish on every panel. Equipped with standard features not normally found on machines in this price range, the Roxyl is the affordable, high production solution for processing thin tape, thick PVC, veneer or wood coils, HPL and solid wood strips up to 19mm. These edgebanders offer a full range of compositions with standard features such as PC Front end, exclusive “QMS” quick melt glue system, top belt hold-down, HSD precision motors, HSD ball screw servos and precision LINEAR guides on all working units. In addition, the machine can be customized with a wide variety of working units to meet your requirements. Innovative, ergonomic design combined with increased productivity and flexibility make the Roxyl the new standard in automatic edgebanding.

Biesse America Biesse Klever Booth 6735, 6769

The Biesse Klever CNC Router is the answer to increased production for growing shops processing wood, plastic or aluminum. This new gantry Klever is a compact, affordable router designed for small to mid size shops. This heavy-duty router features a monolithic steel bridge frame that offers rigidity, reliability and accuracy. A true PC based CNC machine featuring an X-axes with dual helical rack and pinion and double Yaskawa drives and a Y-axes driven by helical rack and pinion technology providing higher performances. The aluminum table offers high flexibility with both vacuum and mechanical clamping capability.

Collins Companies Collins Pine FreeForm Particleboard Booth 4853

FSC-certified, high pine content, CARB exempt, 100% post-industrial recycled,/recovered content, available moisture resistant, NAF - no added formaldehyde.

Colonial Saw Lamello Clamex P and Zeta P2 System Booth 6713

The new eccentric Lamello Clamex-P connectors from Colonial Saw are strong and durable; they can support approximately 300 lbs per connection. They are aesthetic—almost invisible after installation—and can be used in various degree angles and miters. Two sizes are currently available—the Clamex P 15 can be used in panels as thin as 19 mm and Clamex-P Medius, which the female side can be installed in material as thin as 16 mm. Additionally, the parts with Clamex-P slots cut [with or without parts inserted] can be stacked flat and shipped easier and more economically than assembled case goods. These flat parts can transport into confined spaces and assembled on-site fast and easy. There are many applications for the Clamex P Connector system, including ready to assemble furniture and case goods, displays, knock down assemblies, closet and kitchen components, and on-site clamp devices for gluing wood panels together for permanent assembly. The unique profile T-groove to install the new eccentric Clamex P connectors is made with either a CNC or the new Lamello Zeta P2, the quickest and most economical way to install Clamex P connectors. The Zeta P2’s cutter plunges into the preset depth, then follows a vertical movement up and down for the profile cut, which can be simply switched off so that the Zeta P2 can be used as a standard biscuit joiner for a multitude of Lamello joining elements.

Colovos Co. Click-N-Carve Booth 5942

Easy, Affordable CNC Routing. Even a beginner can create beautiful carvings with a master-craftsman's finish - right out of the box. Comes complete with a nothing more to buy or add on! PC friendly software suite is compatible with popular graphics and CAD software.

Colovos Co. Nail Jack & Nail Hunter Booth 5942

Pull nails, staples and brads with ease. Use the patented hammer tap to reach headless nails at or below the surface. This hand tool with a pliers design allows you to dig, grab and pull hard to reach fasteners. The nail hunter is a smaller version of the Nail Jack. It is designed to approach the same task, but with more precision and control. The design makes it significantly more effective with small delicate work such as baseboards and staircases.

CounterBalance Corporation Lift-A-SYST Booth 1626

The Lift-A-SYST is designed to provide assisted lifting force and mid-span balancing, allowing safety and usability for countertop door users. For use on granite, marble, wood and solid surface counters. Controls movement of countertop door from 0 – 95 degrees by neutrally balancing the countertop door.

Deulen Tools Deulen Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpener Booth 4564

Sharpens & Hones Jointer/Planer Knives. Disposable double edgeknives too! No fancy set-up, No manual to read, No power tools needed, no downtime waiting, sharper than sending them out. Do it yourself, just rub back and forth on sandpaper for. The sharpest planer knives you’ve ever had!

Fulton Woodworking Tools & Accessories Flex-A-Jaw-Clamp Booth 4539

Using the Flex-A-Jaw clamp is like having seven different size clamps in one! It easily adjusts to 7 different positions allowing you to step up from 0” to over 7” in width, which allows you to clamp a variety of different size projects. The clamp automatically locks once pressure is applied on the handles and unlocks with the quick release lever.

General Tools & Instruments Digital Sliding T-Bevel (828) Booth 4556

This is the first and only digital T-bevel on the market. It is perfect for measuring, storing and transferring inside and outside angles when building cabinets, furniture, picture frames and more. It features a large LCD readout and an 8 in. stainless steel blade with a steel locking knob.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Crown King (880) Booth 4556

This new jig makes cutting and installing precise crown molding simple and accurate. It can be used to create the three most common inside and outside crown molding spring angles (38, 45, and 52 degrees), and is ideal for creating crown molding for ceilings and walls, adding decorative elements to cabinetry and furniture, and enhancing door and window hoods.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig Kit (850) Booth 4556

This new jig kit quickly produces sturdy, attractive flush, corner and angle pocket hole joints and is designed for superior clamping torque. A carrying case stores the jig and all included accessories. The kit is ideal for making leg and rail joints, table and leg joints, cabinets and picture frames.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Deluxe Doweling Jig Kit (851)) Booth 4556

With just a power drill, this new jig kit provides a cost-effective solution for producing professional edge-to-edge, right angle corner or right angle edge-to-surface dowel joints in three sizes (1/4 in., 5/16 in. and 3/8 in.). The kit comes in a convenient storage box for the jig and all accessories.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Dovetail Jig (861) Booth 4556

This new and improved jig produces strong, precise dovetail or box joints quickly and easily using only your router. Its self-aligning design ensures that both ends of the dovetail joint match up evenly every time. It is perfect for furniture building, cabinet making and other professional carpentry projects.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Mortise & Tenon Jig (870) Booth 4556

This new jig provides an affordable all-in-one solution to cutting matching mortise and tenon joints. Using a plunge router, users can cut both mortises and tenons from 1/4 to 1/2 in. thick and 1 to 3 in. long. Integrated clamps and swing arms secure and align wood for accurate joints.

GRACO, Inc. Merkur ES Booth 1607

Graco's Merkur® ES is one of the most efficient spray packages designed for wood finishing applications. The Merkur ES® spray package uses 45% less material to fill the system than leading competitors, delivers a superior spray finish, and improves productivity. The proven reliable air motor and pump lower makes the pump last longer resulting in less downtime. The Merkur ES® requires less than 1 minute to flush, reducing material and solvent usage. The low profile of this spray package is great for smaller finishing jobs and makes it easy to transport. A perfect addition to any wood finishing facility!

GRACO, Inc. Agitator Speed Controller Booth 1607

Agitator Speed Controller is an exciting new agitator accessory that controls and maintains a consistent agitator speed, regardless of drum fluid levels or viscosity changes. It not only reduces air consumption by eliminating wasteful over-speeding, but also protects your investment by reducing unnecessary wear and tear. It prevents the reduction of finish quality due to the formation of air bubbles and excessive shearing that can lead to pitting or poor material adhesion. The Agitator Speed Controller makes your operation more profitable through better process control, higher quality, and lower operational and equipment costs.l

GRACO, Inc. Informer Booth 1607

The Informer by Graco is used to track liquid materials as they are used. The Informer s easy to read display connects to a flow meter that allows you to see the real time flow rates and how much material has been used. The Informer is great for setting spray guns to optimize performance which prevents overspray. The Informer also accurately collects data that can be used for environmental or cost reports. The Informer is a great tool for finding process improvements and makes data collection simple.

General Tools & Instruments E∙Z Pro Deluxe Doweling Jig Kit (851)) Booth 4556

With just a power drill, this new jig kit provides a cost-effective solution for producing professional edge-to-edge, right angle corner or right angle edge-to-surface dowel joints in three sizes (1/4 in., 5/16 in. and 3/8 in.). The kit comes in a convenient storage box for the jig and all accessories.

GREX Power Tools Grex 1850GB - 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer - Green Buddy™ Booth 4746

We admit it. The 18 gauge bradder is the most "go-to" nailer on your bench or in your tool box. But just try to find a decent one these days. Presenting the Green Buddy™, a game changer in a very serious game. From trim carpenter to cabinet maker, Green Buddy™ will be the differentiator as you master your trade. It’s the solution if you’re looking for control, precision, performance and dependability. In the pursuit of excellence, we've done our part - from designing to constructing the Green Buddy™. Now explore.

Grass America, Inc. TecSoft - Close Booth 2137

The TEC Soft-close is a face frame hinge with the Soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. Sleek in design, the TEC Soft-close features a new adjustable switch to regulate the closing action. A three tiered adjustment provides different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. The settings can be adjusted so that the closing action is consistent regardless of the size and weight of the door. The drilling depth of the cup is 10.7mm and there are no protruding parts in the interior of the cabinet. Made in the USA the TEC Soft-close offers quiet and effortless closing action every time. The perfect solution for your face frame cabinetry.

Grass America, Inc. Tiomos Hinge System Booth 2137

The TEC Soft-close is a face frame hinge with the Soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. Sleek in design, the TEC Soft-close features a new adjustable switch to regulate the closing action. A three tiered adjustment provides different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism. The settings can be adjusted so that the closing action is consistent regardless of the size and weight of the door. The drilling depth of the cup is 10.7mm and there are no protruding parts in the interior of the cabinet. Made in the USA the TEC Soft-close offers quiet and effortless closing action every time. The perfect solution for your face frame cabinetry.

ITW TACC ITW STA’-PUT® Surfacing Adhesive Booth 2725

ITW STA’-PUT® Surfacing Adhesive is a two-part Methacrylate adhesive designed for solid surface seaming and assembly. STA’-PUT® Surfacing Adhesive is UV stable and non-yellowing. It offers excellent adhesion to a variety of solid surface sheet materials including cast acrylic and cast/ densified polyester. It exhibits high resistance to water, impact, wear, scuffing, boiling water, high temperature and UV light. Combined with STA’-PUT® Surfacing Activator at a 10:1 ratio, it has a working time of approximately 8-14 minutes and achieves handling strength in approximately 18-25 minutes The Surfacing Adhesive is available in a variety of colors and matched to most manufacturer sheet goods.

KCD Software KCD Doors Plus with Smart Template Generator Booth 2854

KCD Software introduces hundreds of new parametric precision templates for door styles usually seen only manufactured in wood. KCD Software’s SMART Template Generator allows CNC Door Designers to quickly create new custom templates, tool paths and details for CNC manufacture. KCD Doors Plus has hundreds of existing door styles with the ability to easily create your own and go directly to CNC manufacture with One-Button Machining.

KCD Software KCD Software’s Real-Time Rapid Response Training System Booth 2854

KCD Software’s Real-Time Rapid Response Training system allows its customers to receive personalized training for their software – right when they need it – and free of charge. Phone calls and emails get answered personally and users get questions answered immediately. No classes, no travel, no waiting. The Training System, developed over 26 years, is effective and efficient, eliminating downtime and travel time for the customer. Retention of new material is maximized and the customer not only gets their problem solved, but often gets a short tutorial at the same time. It employs user-inspired engagement, unique response and personalized training for its Success. Personalized training also utilizes screen share technology along with a multimedia toolbox optimized for the user’s personal learning style.

Keen Products / Dust Chuter Booth 5865

At last! A dust collection solution for miter saws, both sliding and chop types of saws! The Dust Chuter is made of stretchable fabric and has 3 tension cords that keep the chute in front of the saw blade at all times regardless of the type of saw or type of cut, CAPTURING NEARLY ALL OF THE SAWDUST! From Keen Products makers of dust collection devices for table saws and router tables.

Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc. MC 33 Coated Planer Knives Booth 7534, 7544

Leitz MC 33 coated high speed steel knives represent the latest advancement in tool coating technology. The integral MC 33 permanent coating provides a hard wear surface which reduces knife wear due to corrosion and erosion, while providing a slick surface which resists build-up of resin. Leitz MC 33 coated knives offer six times the performance of uncoated knives, and outperform tungsten carbide knives in certain applications.

Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc. VariPlan Plus Planerhead Booth 7534, 7544

Increased efficiency with a perfect finish. Wide, flat surfaces on windows, doors, flooring and furniture parts are highly visible to consumers and are the target for manufacturers focusing on continuous improvement. The headaches associated with challenging materials such as rustic wood or wood with “character” are no longer an issue with the Leitz VariPlan Plus planerhead. Benefits include: improved finish quality, constant diameter after knife change and regrinding of knives, quick, easy, accurate and repeatable knife changes—no setting gauges required, reduced noise, reduction of scrap by approximately 75%, increased feed rate, reduction in primer application/process, increased tool life/performance by approximately five times.

Leitz Tooling Systems, Inc. Diamaster Pro3 & Plus3 Z3 Router Cutters Booth 7534, 7544

The new Leitz Diamaster PRO3 and PLUS3 diamond routers bridge the gap between the speed and small diameter benefits of solid carbide routers, while offering the extended service life of diamond tools. Available in small diameters from 12mm to 20 mm (.472" to .787") these true 3-flute routers perform at high feed rates in nesting and panel routing applications.

Lenderink Technologies, Inc. AcoustaCore Booth 4643

AcoustaCore 1 is a lightweight, Class A fire retarded, eco-friendly insulation line and is a solid performer in acoustic and thermal property applications. AcoustaCore 2 is a rigid, dimensionally stable sound, temperature, and moisture repelling insulation board with or without overlays for enhanced point load. Both are huge energy savers with superior sound absorption.

Lenderink Technologies, Inc. Venner (Enigineered Core & Micro 3D) Booth 4643

Our Engineered Core Veneer is the future of environmentally green, high end core veneer. ECV can be pressed, laminated, printed, miter cut, machined, notched, die cut, lasered and slotted to suit most applications. We offer Micro 3D Veneer for caps, overlays or inserts in injection molding equipment and other.

Lenderink Technologies, Inc. Deco Surfaces Booth 4643

Lenderink Technologies offers a large variety of deco surface options including: wood veneer wall and ceiling panels, printed cork, hand designed and needle punched rugs, wall coverings and fabrics, handmade and custom printed wood wallpaper, custom printed leather, and more.

Lenderink Technologies, Inc. Adhesive & Overlay (Dry Film) Booth 4643

Lenderink Technologies offers a full line of adhesive and overlay films designed to add value and beauty while streamlining processes. Our heat activated Dribond is a dry, clear film adhesive engineered to permanently bond virtually any combination of materials. Our Clear Coat Dry Film Overlays and Sealers deliver optimal surface production while serving as an excellent vapor barrier.

Micro Fence Micro Fence Micro Plunge Base Booth 5334

A high-precision micro plunge base for use with high-speed rotary tools such as Dremel, Proxxon, Foredom and others. Aimed at fine detail work like hinge setting, model and miniature-making, luthier work, inlays and fine joinery, the tool provides machine-tool accuracy (to .001") in the vertical and horizontal axes.

Micro Fence Dynaslide Plus with HO 4X Booth 5334

The teflon and silicone-free dry lubricant and cleaning conditioner with new added rust inhibitors. The spray benefits virtually any and all woodworking equipment to clean, lubricate and eliminate drag-co-efficient without gummy build-up.

Microvellum, Inc. Microvellum Toolbox Booth 4553

Powered by the latest technology from Autodesk, Toolbox 7 enables you to efficiently design, engineer, maintain and produce your products with confidence. From design and estimating to engineering and manufacturing, Toolbox 7 empowers your shop to work smarter and faster.

Miltec UV HPI Gloss Control UV Curing System Booth 6534

The new Miltec UV HPI Gloss Control UV Curing system eliminates the need for costly downtime by allowing the use of only one UV final topcoat for all gloss ranges from 30 to 80 gloss units, depending on the UV coating formulation. The savings in reduced electrical energy consumption, reduced coating costs, reduced downtime due to reduced set up time, reduced replacement parts cost allows the wood finishing company to realize a payback of 1 to 2 years on their new equipment investment. This significant savings in production costs, ultimately, will allow the wood finisher to achieve higher profits and more competitively priced products versus their competition.

Oliver Machinery Company 1010 10" IntelliCarve 3D with Lathe Booth 4913

Revolutionary 3D Carver! With dedicated CAM iPicture 3D software supporting STL, IGS file formats. Standing alone machine with built-in mini lathe MCU control core, simple structure and easy to operate, with USB port. Compatible with various lathe fixtures (1”-8TPI chucks & MT2 live centers.) Easy to maintain and clean, with Igus bearing for dusty environment. Sample art available.

Oliver Machinery Company 1010A 10" IntelliCarve 3D Attachment Booth 4913

Can be mounted to most models of mini lathes on the market. Simple and easy to use software. Easy to operate. USB port. With dedicated CAM iPicture 3D software supporting STL, IGS file formats. Easy to maintain and clean, with Igus bearing for dusty environment. 3D model samples available.

Oliver Machinery Company 1024 24" x 36" IntelliRouter Booth 4913

The 24x36 is a more traditional PC based CNC router with a innovative touch panel and a built-in main board (computer). PC-based control panel system with USB port. 10.1” color touch screen. Windows CE system. Built in 8GB hard drive which can save up to 100 pictures. User-friendly interface for precise cutting. Come with variable speed powerful spindle motor. Easy to maintain. Anti-dust design.

Oliver Machinery Company 1013 IntelliCarve Booth 4913

All in one and very easy to use, entry level engraving is great for everyone! Ball type lead screw for X – axis travel. Long Lasting Aluminum Table with Secure Hold Downs. Hi-Torque DC Brushless Step Motor. i-Picture Software included. Rugged & User Friendly LCD Controller. IGUS Precision Guide Bearings. Supports GO0, GO1, GO2 & GO3 Circular and Linear Interpolation.

Olon Industries, Inc. NEXGEN™ LINK25 Formable Laminate Booth 1847

NEXGEN™ LINK25, in continuous rolls or 4’ x 8’ sheets, was developed by Olon Industries Inc. as a complementing laminate to TFM (Thermally Fused Melamine Panels) where exact color matches are essential. LINK25 is recommended for vertical or light duty horizontal surfaces. Postformable for edges, tops or corners, LINK25 is very workable and works well with adhesives. LINK25 is available in several finishes including matches to recently released TFM finishes making it ideal for both refacing projects and new installations. Further information is available at

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. Vortex Tool 3135XP "XTREME PERFORMANCE" 2 Flute Compression Spiral Booth 6556

Vortex 3135XP 2 Flute Compression Spiral – “XP” – which stands for Xtreme Performance – are specifically designed to provide maximum tool life in melamine and high pressure laminated particle board and MDF materials. You can expect 3-5 times the tool life as compared to standard compression spiral geometry.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. Vortex Tool 6730 2+2 Straight PCD Router Bit Booth 6556

Vortex 6730 2+2 Straight PCD Router Bit – This new series of PCD router bits have been designed with a solid carbide body which provides more strength and rigidity in the cut. Used in material is an issue.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. Vortex Tool 8040 HSK63F Integrated Spoilboard Cutter Booth 6556

Vortex 8040 HSK63F Integrated Spoilboard Cutter – Now offering our spoilboard cutters with our newly developed “integrated” tool design. This series is a solid, one piece unit with the HSK63F taper “built in” the tool. The one piece designs affords superior performance and years of worry free use which will greatly reduce wear and tear on your machine spindle over time.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. Vortex Tool Adjustable Tennon Cutter Booth 6556

Vortex Adjustable Tennon Cutter – This “Custom” tool is designed for a MTH (mortise, tennon, and haunch) machine. The chamfering insert is able to be adjusted for different length tennons, makings this tool very versatile, and meeting all of the customers custom needs.

West Wood Products NewPly - Stainable Print Booth 3127

In 3500 B.C., the ancient Egyptians invented plywood. In 2012 A.D., West Wood Products improved that development with their latest innovation - NewPly. A revolution in Stainable Print technology, NewPly is replacing expensive hardwood plywood in cabinets, furniture and displays throughout the industry. NewPly panels are sealed, reducing finishing time, sanding and cost. Additionally, NewPly can be “stained” with water base stain, UV, lacquers, spray or roll coat, just as easily as conventional plywood with virtually identical results. It took over 5,000 years to upgrade plywood. NewPly. It was worth the wait.

Rev-A-Shelf, LLC LD-0220 Soft-Close Tip-Out Hinges Booth 2019 VP16012 - Self Contained Vacuum Pump/Pod System Booth 5823

Plastic vacuum pod with internal vacuum pump operated with any compressor. VP Rigid Vacuum Pods for Grid or Rail CNC Booth 5823

Vacuum pod with integral sealing lip works without gasketing.