Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA


Powder Coating Wood...The Revolution is Underway

Symposium Code: PWD

Sponsored by: IGP Powder Coatings and AikenControls

Presented by: IGP Powder Coatings, DSM Powder Coating Resins, Gema USA, Heraeus Noblelight and AikenControls


Powder Coating is the Faster, Greener, Better, and Safer finishing solution for products made with engineered or natural wood... Today. Early adopters are already yielding benefits such as increased throughput, zero VOC’s, superior quality, plus a completely new world of design options. With presentations from experts covering the entire value-chain, this symposium will equip attendees to make an informed assessment of the opportunities and realities associated with conversion from liquids and foils to powder coatings.

Overview of topics

  1. Introduction – what is the benefit of powder on wood
    1. Which appearance opportunities exist today
    2. Chemical and physical benefits of powder on wood
    3. Operational / process / handling savings opportunities
  2. Line development – Process overview
    1. Overview of main components in a successful operation (Manual or Automatic process)
  3. The substrate
    1. Wood or wood product characteristics
    2. Conditions, handling & material preparation
  4. Powder materials
    1. Overview of past chemistries, resins, etc.
    2. What has changed?
      1. New resin & related formulations, etc.
  5. Application process
    1. Equipment presentation
    2. Key application process points
      1. Pre-heat
      2. Application & recovery
      3. Cure
  6. Material handling & use opportunities: actual application case studies
  7. Benefits review to conclude:
    1. Physical and appearance
    2. Product use opportunities
    3. Tying operation cost benefits to the case studies examples

Key talking points/take-away’s:

  1. Powder on wood has entered a new technology life cycle. What is new and how is it is relevant?
  2. Key insights into paint chemistry, powder qualities & appearances available, application technology required
  3. Examples of value propositions for powder on wood
  4. Relevant insights into surface finishing economics when switching to new technology
  5. Industry conversion examples – what to take away from those that have preceded in switching?

Industry segments:

  • Furniture (for example: children’s, office, domestic, outdoor),
  • Cabinets (for example: kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, garage/outdoor kitchen),
  • Joinery (for example: window frames, doors),
  • Building & construction (for example: cladding, decking, flooring)
  • Other (for example: substrate manufacturers, substrate re-sellers, toys manufacturers, coffin manufacturers, companies involved in other (heat-sensitive) substrates than only wood-based)

Roles/Job titles:

People that design, specify, influence, decide on, apply and/or procure surface finishing on wood-based heat-sensitive materials. Examples:

  • Innovation, Business Development responsible people
  • Product, Marketing, Technical Sales responsible people
  • Production, Engineering, Technology responsible people
  • Surface Finishing, Chemistry & Quality responsible people
  • Lean/6-sigma production improvement responsible people
  • Interior Designers, Product designers, Architects, (project) Planners - working with wood finishes for both interior and exterior applications
  • Manufacturing consultants
  • Purchasing responsible people
  • Sustainability engineering responsible people

About the Speakers:


After studying International Business at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Guido Konijnendijk started his career with British Petroleum in London, UK. Having lived and worked in 9 different countries and having changed from Petroleum to the chemicals industry, in early 2012 Guido was made responsible at DSM Powder Coating Resins for the further development and launch of Ultra-low curing resin technology for application onto heat-sensitive substrates, such as MDF, solid Wood and Composites/Plastics. In summer of 2016 Guido decided to switch roles and joined IGP Powder Coatings as Director of Business Development. One of his focus areas is the further market & technology development of Powder on Wood/heat sensitive substrates.


Professor Dr. Rolf van Benthem of DSM, The Netherlands and Professor of Coatings Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology, will speak about the scientific challenges that were overcome in the development of single-layer powder coating solutions on MDF and solid wood.

Dr Rolf van Benthem is Professor in part-time at the Eindhoven University of Technology (since 2002) teaching students and guiding PhD research in the area of advanced coatings technologies, such as superhydrophobic, lubricious, biobased and self-repairing coatings. He obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam (1995). In his career at DSM (Corporate Science Fellow) he has worked on many topics of advanced polymer chemistry, and the technology development of ultra-low curing powder coatings for wooden substrates is one his highlights.


Chris Reding is responsible for the commercialization of advanced powder coating technologies in North America for DSM Coating Resins. Chris is a veteran of the US Air Force, in which he worked as a fighter aircraft maintainer; and later, as a Quality Advisor assigned to the 147th Fighter Wing in Houston, Texas. Following honorable discharge from military service in 1996, Chris began his career in the field of powder coatings. His 20+ years of experience includes quality management, manufacturing, and commercial roles in both powder coating and raw material supplier organizations. His service to the industry includes chairmanship of various committees of the Powder Coating Institute; for which he served as a member of the board of directors, including a term as the association’s president in 2013. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree from LeTourneau University; and, an Associate in Applied Science in Aircraft Maintenance Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Chris resides in Magnolia, Texas with Jan, his wife of 23 years, and their 4 daughters.


Christopher Merritt is currently General Manager for Gema USA Inc., The North American division of Graco Inc. Gema is an electrostatic powder coating application equipment and recovery systems supplier located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Chris received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University. Chris has been employed with Gema for over 30 years, and has held many positions within the company ranging from engineering to sales. Chris has extensive powder coating experience in both organic and enamel applications, holds several patents, and belongs to many industry organizations.

As a proud supporter of The Powder Coating Institute, Chris has held the responsibility of PCI Board president and is currently serving his fifth term as a member of the Board of Directors. Within PCI he is active in several committees including past chairman responsibilities for the ARE, Membership, Technical and Finance Committees. Chris is currently the Vice President of the association as well as chairman of the Certification Committee.


Jeff Hale is the Director, Marketing for Gema with over 30 years of service. He has held a variety of positions within Gema including engineering, product management, territory sales, sales and distribution management, and marketing. Throughout his career, Jeff has given many presentations as well as written several articles on the powder coating process for various societies and trade publications. Jeff is a 1987 graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Jeff is a United States Patent holder and active member of the Powder Coating Institute.



Lee McWhorter has worked in Finishing Industry for Heraeus Noblelight for last 4 years – assignments included lead generation, inside sales and account Manager of Gas Catalytic products.

Previous work in manufacturing for fiber optic industry – with AT&T Network Systems and NCR both domestic and international assignments


Chris Aiken is President and Founder of AikenControls providing specialized controls and automation systems for wood and wood products industries. With over 30 years’ experience in custom process controls, Chris and his group are focused on advanced automation and process management solutions.

Based in NC USA, with offices in Europe, the AikenControls group offers a complete set of automation tools to connect and coordinate the power coating process. From simple integration, to advanced vision and robots, the AikenControls group can assist with the implementation and optimization of with your power coating investment.


Niklas Sjöblom is a Material & Technology Engineer for the Category Area Flat Line Organization at IKEA of Sweden. Between 1985-1995, working as a furniture joiner / carpenter in Stockholm, making tailor-made exclusive furniture & interiors. This included construction from scratch including surface treatment and installation. From 1997 and forward, after a two year hiatus of engineer high school education, working for IKEA in various positions and now focuses on the Material & Technique development for pigment and veneered surfaces.


Davide started his working career in the Italian subsidiary of the company German Netzsch Mohnopumpen.
In the early 2001 he first joined Decoral System as Area Manager and then worked as Export manager of Cometal Trevisan Spa, a producer of Vertical Extrusion powder coating lines.

Since 2006 he works with Sublitex Srl a division company of the Miroglio Group, a leading producer of heat transfer paper and film for applications such as fabrics, leather and metal. Initially Davide held the role of Sales Manager and later as Sales and Product Manager. Currently he is in charge of both sales and development of architectural and special applications. Davide holds a degree in Business and Administration from the Marconi University in Rome (Italy).


Dusan Pisar is the Managing Director at Ekoltech


Kyle True is the Managing Director and co-owner at Climate Surfaces from New Zealand