August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA


Powder Coating Wood...The Revolution is Underway

Tuesday, August 21st from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Symposium Code: PWD

Location: TBD

Presented by: IGP Powder Coatings

Speakers: There will be a variety of speakers from the following compaines DSM, Gema, Heraeus Noblelight, Aiken Controls and IGP

Powder Coating is the Faster, Greener, Better, and Safer finishing solution for products made with engineered or natural wood... Today. Early adopters are already yielding benefits such as increased throughput, zero VOC’s, superior quality, plus a completely new world of design options. With presentations from experts covering the entire value-chain, this symposium will equip attendees to make an informed assessment of the opportunities and realities associated with conversion from liquids and foils to powder coatings.  

Overview of topics  
1. Introduction – what is the benefit of powder on wood
     a. Which appearance opportunities exist today
     b. Chemical and physical benefits of powder on wood
     c. Operational / process / handling savings opportunities
2. Line development – Process overview
     a. Overview of main components in a successful operation (Manual or Automatic process)
3. The substrate
     a. Wood or wood product characteristics
     b. Conditions, handling & material preparation
4. Powder materials
     a. Overview of past chemistries, resins, etc.
     b. What has changed?
          i. New resin & related formulations, etc.
5. Application process
     a. Equipment presentation
     b. Key application process points
          i. Pre-heat
          ii. Application & recovery
          iii. Cure
6. Material handling & use opportunities: actual application case studies
7. Benefits review to conclude:
     a. Physical and appearance
     b. Product use opportunities
     c. Tying operation cost benefits to the case studies examples

Key talking points/take-away’s:
1. Powder on wood has entered a new technology life cycle. What is new and how is it is relevant?
2. Key insights into paint chemistry, powder qualities & appearances available, application technology required
3. Examples of value propositions for powder on wood
4. Relevant insights into surface finishing economics when switching to new technology
5. Industry conversion examples – what to take away from those that have preceded in switching?

Industry segments:
     - Furniture (for example: children’s, office, domestic, outdoor),
     - Cabinets (for example: kitchens, bathroom, bedroom, garage/outdoor kitchen),
     - Joinery (for example: window frames, doors),
     - Building & construction (for example: cladding, decking, flooring)
     - Other (for example: substrate manufacturers, substrate re-sellers, toys manufacturers, coffin manufacturers, companies involved in
       other (heat-sensitive) substrates than only wood-based)
Roles/Job titles: People that design, specify, influence, decide on, apply and/or procure surface finishing on wood-based heat-sensitive materials. Examples:
     - Innovation, Business Development responsible people
     - Product, Marketing, Technical Sales responsible people
     - Production, Engineering, Technology responsible people
     - Surface Finishing, Chemistry & Quality responsible people
     - Lean/6-sigma production improvement responsible people
     - Interior Designers, Product designers, Architects, (project) Planners - working with wood finishes for both interior and exterior
     - Manufacturing consultants
     - Purchasing responsible people
     - Sustainability engineering responsible people