August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA


Driving Double Digit Profitable Growth:
Transactional versus Relational Selling


Wednesday, August 24th from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Session Code: MFG14

Location: B303 (located in Building B - Level 3)

Presented by: Gran Sasso Ventures LP

Speakers: Tom DiClemente, Managing Partner: Gran Sasso Ventures LP

The real-life story of five companies (four manufacturing and one service) and how they transformed themselves from stagnant to dramatic double digit growth and high profitability. Each case study is presented on one page using a unique model describing a company’s choice of developing a transactional versus a relational approach to the Customer at each stage of its sales funnel. The case studies are preceded by helpful background material and a description of the major tools, both foundational and magnifying tools, used in each transformation. Years of experience have shown that the decisions companies make about how to both market and sell to Customers are a key determiner of lead conversion rates and Customer acquisition costs. Ultimately, these choices and how the company executes them are key drivers of growth and profitability. Summing up, the lessons learned are reviewed including the observation that what is commonly thought best for a company is not always the best way to create value.

Objectives- what do participants get out of attending?
• The difference between transactional and relational marketing and sales
• What this difference means to growth and profitability
• What this difference means to your own company
• The major techniques that belong in your toolkit

• Rules to apply these techniques in their own companies
• How channels can be used to any company’s advantage
• Real-life examples of achievement using these techniques

About Tom DiClemente: Tom DiClemente is Managing Partner of Gran Sasso Ventures LP and focuses on consulting services to the Internet Marketing, Software, Furniture, and multiple manufacturing industries. Tom has a proven track record of building value through leading start-ups, turnarounds and multi-Billion dollar global businesses involved in Software, Manufacturing, and Business Services. Prior to establishing Gran Sasso, Tom was EVP-Pacific Group/co-COO of SCI Systems Inc., President of AMP Incorporated Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Chairman of the Electrical/Electronics Group of diversified holding company B. Elliott PLC. Tom has also participated in nine technology startups. This included serving as Lead Investor and CEO of Compoze Software, which was sold to BEA Systems, now Oracle, and as Seed Investor and Chairman of FingerWorks, which was sold to Apple. Tom has also successfully managed four middle-market turnarounds. Mr. DiClemente began his career as an Engineer in the nuclear and developmental energy fields. He holds an engineering degree from Lehigh University and an MBA with Distinction from Wharton.