August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA

The Magic of Custom Tooling

Thursday, August 25th from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


Session Code: MFG10

Location: B305 (located in Building B - Level 3)

Presented by:

Speaker: Ralph Bagnall, Owner:  

A seminar that introduces small to medium woodworking shops to the advantages of custom router and shaper tooling. Tools can be created for specific tasks with minimal effort and expense, reducing production time and steps. The seminar will provide examples of difficult or time consuming tasks that can be made more efficient and accurate through having a custom tool made. Whether used in a CNC, shaper, molder, table saw or hand-held router and all that is required to take advantage of this “secret” is to look at production problems in a new way.

Attendees will take home information on where and how to be considering having custom tools made, and how to design and order them. Sources where custom tooling can be ordered will be shared.

About the Speaker: Ralph Bagnall is a woodworking author and consultant living in Southwest Florida, providing services to large and small companies across the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.