Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA


Quantum Lean - "Easier, Better, Faster, Cheaper"

Symposium Code: LEN

Presented by: The Center for Lean Learning


Quantum Lean is a full day Lean Symposium for people who are ready for change, who want more from their existing resources and want to start the move to manufacturing excellence. The goal if this Symposium is to walk away with a clear direction and action plan to kick off your Lean Journey. Save thousands of dollars! We are going to give you all the tools you would get from one on one consulting, and then some!

We are going to unroll the “Lean Road Map” so you can not only see where you’re at, but where you’re going. The day will be jam packed with live flow simulations to see Lean in action. Ever thought: "I'm ready for this journey, but my people aren’t", if this sounds familiar, fear not, we are covering people development as well. Despite what you may think, most people love Lean once they begin to understand it.

No stone will be left unturned, from setting up team leaders & lean coordinators, Gemba walks, study materials, mentorships & Lean tours. This will be a full emersion that you cannot not miss. If you’re a numbers person, and increasing your throughput by 30-50% interests you. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a Quantum leap forward over your competition.

As a bonus to taking this symposium we are going to take you on a tour to Japan without leaving the room! Show you what manufacturing excellence looks like. We are going to show you and teach you what we had the privilege of learning from our Japanese mentors. Valuable words from Ritsuo Shingo (Son of Shigeo Shingo, creator of Toyota production system), see a culture and a way of thinking that is bound to be transformational. Smart people can’t believe it’s this simple.

LEAN IS FOR EVERYONE. Weather you run a manufacturing company, a service operation or an office environment. The tools and techniques can be applied to and every process. If you are an owner or manager of a company, and you’re looking for that competitive advantage that is not just a flash in the pan or a price war. Lean thinking is your ticket. It is not just for the automotive sector, let us show you how these tools and techniques translate perfectly into any wood manufacturing operation. What is your strategic plan to stay ahead of the competition? Perhaps a little Lean thinking is just what your organization needs.

About the Speaker:


Brad Cairns registered his first woodworking company at the age of 16. In his own words “there was just no other path for me, I love to build stuff”. Having done display cabinetry, full museum galleries, store fixtures (for large chains), Residential kitchens, component manufacturing & commercial millwork. After 25 years in business, he brings a vast knowledge of the woodworking industry.

His personal BHAG (Big Hairy audacious goal) is to transform the woodworking industry back into a fun and profitable sector of North American manufacturing.

An avid student of TPS (Toyota production systems) & TOC (Theory of Constraints) these combined manufacturing principles are the basis of his approach to business.

“Travelling the globe learning, and then being fortunate enough to be able to share that knowledge in a manner that helps transform companies and lives is what makes every second worth it”. – Brad Cairns, President Signature Wood Systems, Lean maniac.


Lynn Thomson is a partner at the Center for Lean Learning, with a driving enthusiasm to continuously learn and teach lean concepts and TOC (theory of constraints) on a personal and professional level.

Helping people transform their lives towards positive, rewarding experiences has become her passion and life's purpose.

She draws on her many years of automotive manufacturing and leadership experience, steeped in the TPS (Toyota Production System) model.

Her creativity, innovative thinking and exceptional problem solving skills make her a natural for lean manufacturing. While her ability to connect with people in a very personable, non threatening way, make her an approachable teacher and mentor.

Her authenticity and humorous nature can disarm even the most dedicated skeptic on your team.