Tuesday – Friday | August 25-28, 2020

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA | USA

Finishing Symposium

Tuesday, August 23rd from 8:30am – 4:30pm

Symposium Code: FIN

Location: B312 (located in Building B - Level 3)

Presented by: FDMC Magazine, Woodworking Network, and the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing at the University of British Columbia

Sponsored by: Cefla North America

Speakers: - Iain MacDonald: Centre for Advanced Wood Processing
- Phil Stevenson , President: AWFI
- Phil Evans, Professor: University of British Columbia
- Jason Chiu: Centre for Advanced Wood Processing
- Flori Grottoli: Cavalieri Finishing
- David Jackson, Business Analyst: Gemini Industries
- Mike Knoblauch, President: Keyland Polymer
- Nick Bartoszek, Global New Product Director for Wood Coatings: Product Finishes Division of
  The Sherwin-Williams Company

What is new in finishing? A special full-day session the day before IWF 2016 will explore a variety of new technologies and best methods that you can use in your business.

The full-day seminar will include a number of presentations and an opportunity to talk to suppliers and finishing experts face-to-face with your questions. The program is being developed and presented by FDMC Magazine, Woodworking Network, and the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing at the University of British Columbia.

 Iain Macdonald of CAWP and Karl Forth of FDMC magazine will serve as moderators.

 The day-long event will take place in the Georgia World Congress Center, the same venue as IWF 2016. The finishing event will be August 23, one day before the IWF trade exhibition begins.

 ---Phil Stevenson of AWFI, a leading finishing consultant, will discuss a new method of training in which the goal is to create a system for finishing within the company rather than training a person that could leave that same company. He will discuss how to organize a finishing system and set up metrics and ways to measure your company’s finishing performance.

 ---Phil Evans of the University of British Columbia will discuss the value of research in wood finishing, based on work that he and his students have done on topics including grain raising, coating formation, cracking of finishes, blotching and other issues.

 ---Jason Chiu of Centre for Advanced Wood Processing will speak on problem solving in wood finishing, covering such areas as spraying and finish application, finish quality, dust mitigation, and finish process issues, including a discussion of some of the newest methods and technology.  

---Cavalieri, a New York company that produces high-end products with polyester finishes and special gloss effects will explain how their process works, including their use of robotics to achieve consistency and accuracy. Flori Grottoli will discuss the finishing for this company.

---David Jackson of Gemini, a manufacturer of wood finishes, will discuss finishes that many shops have not yet adopted, such as polyester, two-component polyurethane and some UV finishes.

--Nick Bartoszek, a representative of Sherwin-Williams will describe some of the latest trends in finish composition, color and style, along with water-based and low-emission finishes.

---In addition, Keyland Polymer, a maker of powder coatings will explain UV-cured powder coating chemistry and attributes of these coating materials. They will also talk about opportunities for adopters of UV-cured powder coatings. Mike Knoblauch, president, will describe the powder coating process.

As part of the day-long event, our participating companies and specialists will be available to answer your direct questions about finishing materials, equipment and methods. Bring us your finishing problems!  

If you’re planning to come to IWF Atlanta August 24-27, be sure to plan to come a day early to learn more about improving the finishing operation in your business.

About the Speakers



Iain Macdonald is the Managing Director of the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, a national nonprofit training and technical support centre for Canada's wood products manufacturing sector. Iain holds a B.A. in Marketing from University of Stirling and an M.Sc. in Technology-supported Training from UBC. Prior to his roles at CAWP he worked in export marketing of building products. He currently chairs the Wood Manufacturing Council, a national body with the mandate to solve HR and skills development issues for the secondary wood products industry.



Phil Stevenson is president of AWFI and has many years of experience in industrial wood finishing along with research, development and evaluation of new technologies. He has worked with hundreds of managers and finishing professionals in furniture, cabinetry and millwork. He has developed training resources and systems to help these companies improve their finishing operations.



Dr Philip Evans is a Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He obtained his B.Sc and Ph.D from the University of Wales. Phil teaches an undergraduate course on wood coatings technology and a certificate on the same subject to industry. His research focusses on the photodegradation and weathering of wood and modification of wood to improve coating performance



Jason Chiu is a quality control certification specialist and extension trainer at the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, at the University of British Columbia. Jason holds a Bachelors degree in Wood Products Processing from UBC. He has worked for several secondary wood products companies performing; quality systems implementation, training, and process layout and design. Jason has conducted audits of several industrial finishing facilities and performed hands-on finishing training, as well as developing a comprehensive range of finishing testing services for industry.



Michael Knoblauch developed and built the first UV-cured powder coating application system for MDF in North America in 2001. DVUV moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 2005. DVUV has produced more than 15 million square feet of finished product that are used throughout the world. Keyland Polymer was started in Birmingham, UK in 2006 and its Cleveland production operations became the sole source supplier to DVUV in 2007. Keyland develops and sells UV-cured powder coatings for heat sensitive materials and commercial products. DVUVSystems advises and consults with firms who are building UV-cured application systems. Mr. Knoblauch has a B.A. History and MBA from John Carroll University.

Mr. Knoblauch and his wife Sarah have been married for 39 years. Sarah is a professional watercolorist and art teacher. They have three adult children.



David Jackson has 29 years of experience with wood finishes.  He has worked for two coatings manufacturers and held positions ranging from technical to operations and to sales.  Jackson is currently an employee/owner of Gemini Industries.  He has also been a columnist and contributing editor for eight years for a wood finishing magazine. (Wood Digest's Finishing magazine and it's predecessors Finishing and Restorations and Professional Refinishing).  He was a speaker at IWF 2012 & IWF 2014 Finishing Symposiums.  



Nick Bartoszek is the Global New Product Director for Wood Coatings for the Product Finishes Division of The Sherwin-Williams Company. During his 24-year tenure with the company, he has held positions in operations, sales, business consulting and product marketing.  

Over the past four years, he has focused on the industrial wood coatings market, introducing new product innovations in technology platforms such as wood stains, acid cure coatings, UV curable coatings, polyurethane and polyester. He has also been engaged in customer-focused product marketing and has held roles in aerospace, automotive and the industrial coatings markets.

A 1992 graduate of Kent State University, Bartoszek holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. He has received awards within Sherwin-Williams for marketing and innovation excellence.