Closets Symposium

Tuesday, August 23rd from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Symposium Code: CLO

Location: B305 (located in Building B - Level 3)

Presented by: CLOSETS magazine and Woodworking Network

Speakers: • Jeff Bruzzesi: Closets Factory
• Mike Mendelssohn: Closets Factory
• Troy Greenberg: Redline Garage Gear
• Bob Lewis, CEO, Closet & Storage Concepts

• Joe Lonardo: Bella Systems
• Laurel Didier, Publisher: CLOSETS magazine
• Bill Esler, Editorial Director: Woodworking Network
• Michaelle Bradford, Editor, CLOSETS magazine
• Jeff Klein: Closet & Cabinets Experts

Demand for organized closets, garages and other home storage areas will rise steadily over the next four years, reaching $10.9 billion in annual sales by 2019. The closet has evolved from white wire frame racks to a luxury experience for consumers, and extended its reach into pantries, home offices, and the fast-growing garage segment.



· Jeff Bruzzesi and Mike Mendelssohn, Closets Factory, Virginia Beach, VA: a closets company builds an entire house for Homearama, with 14 home storage solutions designed in.



· Joe Lonardo, President, Bella Systems, Asbury Park, NJ: moderates The Great Debate-Insource or Outsource – a panel of presenters will weigh the merits of internally produced closets and wood components, versus outsourced supply. Having successfully launched a franchise of his closets business, Lonardo is on the board of the Association of Closets & Storage Professionals.



· Jeff Klein, Closet & Cabinets Experts, Savannah, GA: how to successfully launch an independently operated custom closet business, from a founder of the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals.



· Troy Greenberg, Redline Garage Gear, South Beloit, Il: the garage is the main entrance for many homes, and increasingly is upgraded to match cars, support hobbies, or make best use of organized space.



· Bob Lewis, Closet & Storage Concepts: has positioned his closet franchise brands for growth through internally manufactured products, acquisitions, and by tapping in to interior trends such as Murphy Beds and home offices.



Also on the program:

· State of the Closet Home Storage Industry: market profile, forecast, outlook for franchises and independent retailers
        – Laurel Didier, publisher, CLOSETS magazine

· Major marketers on the Home Sto+rage Scene: a survey of the supply chain and evolving marketing strategies of industry leaders: Closets Maid, The Stow Company, Sauder’s ClosetTrac, Rubbermaid, and others
       – Bill Esler, editorial director, Woodworking Network

· Closet Design Trends: What Winning Projects Tell Us: a presentation drawn from luxury closet suppliers including Wood Mode, Neff, Best of Houzz, and the annual Top Shelf Closet Design Awards
      - Michaelle Bradford, Editor, CLOSETS magazine

· Closet & Home Storage Technology and Mechanics: A panel session on patented and proprietary designs and design applications.


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