August 22 – 25, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, GA| USA


Managing is Leading: Find and Develop
Your Personal *Leadership* Style


Wednesday, August 24th from 1:30 PM – 2:30PM

Session Code: BMG13

Presented by: Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI)

Location: B308 (located in Building B - Level 3)

Speakers: Norb Slowikowski, President - Slowikowski & Associates

The highest functioning form of management is leadership. But there is an inefficiency in today’s market – not enough people know how to truly lead. Too many managers look only at the bottom line, rather than the correct process you need to obtain successful results. Utilizing the right process in a forward-thinking way is true leadership. "Managing is Leading" gets to the core of what it takes to master the competencies of effective leadership. Participants will discover how to use power and influence, establish strong working relationships and develop a unique leadership style for maximum impact.

About Norb SlowikowskNorb i is a Productivity Consultant who has been working in the Construction Industry since 1982. Prior to starting Slowikowski & Associates in 1975, Norb served as Director of Manpower Development for McDonald's Corporation. He has assisted over 350 Contractors in improving productivity and maximizing profitability by focusing on the following activities:
• Training more than 20,000 Foremen, Superintendents, and Project Managers in management and leadership skills.
• Working with Contractor Associations around the country in presenting supervisory skills development courses to their membership.
• Serving as an Organizational Consultant to construction companies in the U.S.A. and Canada; helping them to reorganize in order to maximize productivity at all levels of the company.
• Customizing training programs to meet specific contractor needs.

Norb also helps Contractors implement the following basic productivity improvement tools:
• The Productivity Improvement Process, a blueprint for improving organizational effectiveness, job site productivity, and maximizing profits.
• Recruiting and assessing people who fit the basic “construction profile”.
• Developing productivity measures and performance standards.
• Developing Employee Incentive Programs.
• Implementing a Teamwork Model.
• Implementing Key Job Controls for each phase of the construction process.
• Establishing and maintaining customer service excellence.
• Developing staff and field operations process manuals to establish uniformity and consistency among all functional units.
• Developing a Strategic Planning Model to meet the challenges of growth and effectiveness in an ever-changing marketplace.

Norb is the author of the recently published book entitled, Hard-Hat Productivity: The 9 Critical Factors for Maximizing Profits. He is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago where he received a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Organizational Development, plus numerous post-graduate courses. If you really want to achieve the leading edge in the marketplace while developing your people to become peak performers, Norb is the consultant who can get you to that position of excellence.