The IWF 2016 New Product Showcase

The New Product Showcase is a special area where attendees of IWF 2016 were able to stop and preview the latest developments in products and product lines in machinery, supplies, services, and upholostery that have been introduced since IWF 2014. You can view the products that were displayed at IWF 2014 below. 

The IWF New Product Showcase is the perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on your latest offerings in a showcase that will attract your current customers and top prospects.  Interested in participating in the 2018 New Product Showcase? 
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IWF 2016 New Product Showcase Entries

Entries are listed alphabetically



3A Composites USA, Inc. - Booth 3218



Banova Ply Balsa Plywood

Banova Ply and Banova Flex – The world’s lightest plywood made of balsa veneers. Banova Ply’s weight reduction of 50-70% in comparison to conventional wood panels is impressive, as is the high thermal insulation, lamination abilities and of course sustainability. The high-quality, homogenous structure of Banova Ply allows for very easy processing; this means that existing tools and joining technologies continue to be used efficiently and without changes. Banova Flex is a highly flexible bending plywood used for curved components. In conjunction with thin facings, small radius can be created with only one layer of Banova Flex, where traditional bending plywood would require two or more layers. Both products are FSC Certified, CARB compliant and sustainable.



   Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. - Booth 5453


   The all new Precision-6 from Apollo Sprayers is the world’s most powerful
   HVLP turbo spray system. With over 14 PSI of sealed air pressure the
   Precision-6 will atomize anything from high solids clear coats to latex paint with precision and ease. The Precision-6 incorporates our Patent Pending PCB with variable pressure control accurate to 1/10th of a PSI. Other performance features in the Precision-6 make this the best choice for Wood finishers no matter if you are a one man or a high production shop.



Bainbridge Mfg, Inc. - Booth 4253



Pegged Drawer Slide Spacers

Bainbridge Manufacturing Inc is proud to offer a new Pegged Drawer Slide Spacer with ¼” hole and 5mm peg spaced 32mm apart in heights including 5/8”, 3/4" & 1”. Added peg allows spacer to be press fit into place freeing hands during installation and uses one less mounting screw per spacer saving both time and money.



   BIESSE AMERICA - Booth 6953, 7153, 7353

   Viet Opera R Automated Sanding Solution

   Biesse and Viet are excited to deliver the Opera R: The only
   automated solution for sanding of MDF doors with flat center
   panel, as well as removal of cross grain scratching of solidwood
   doors. For almost 25 years our industry has been searching for
   a solution for the removal of Cross Grain scratching and the Viet Opera R is the ultimate solution. Until now, this search has been one of frustration, disappointment and excessive cost. The new “Patented” Viet Opera R delivers high quality sanding results normally only obtained from manual hand sanding but in an automated way. The Opera R also addresses the difficulties of inconsistent removal of cross grain scratch, finish quality with no “swirl” or “check” marks, proper sanding pressure to insure no over polishing or dips, low maintenance cost and consistent finish quality from the first door to the last. Visit our booth 7153 to experience this innovative technology.



BIESSE AMERICA - Booth 6953, 7153, 7353


BIESSE Winstore 3D K3 Automation System for Nesting

At IWF see the Winstore 3D K3, the affordable solution for small and medium-sized companies looking for material handling solutions for a nesting cell. The 3D K3 contains all the technological excellence of Biesse’s automatic magazines with a smaller footprint, specifically designed for the optimization requirements of nesting cell production, which would otherwise need an operator and automation for feeding the material. The Winstore 3D K3 makes the material available precisely when it is needed, supplying the exact type of panel without the need to replace the stack of panels. This means greater productivity and flexibility. Combine this automation system with Biesse’s high performance Rover A CNC Router, and you get a completely flexible solution that increases efficiency and production. Visit our booth #7153 at IWF for a demonstration on this innovative technology.



  Brown Wood - Booth 3107

  Industrial Collection

  Designs of Distinction's™ new Industrial Collection combines the look of weathered wood with the strength of raw steel.

¾” hand scraped flat shelves with saw kerf edges give the look and feel of having been reclaimed from an old barn. Our 2 5/8” thick floating shelves are constructed using a miter fold technique allowing for superior durability and strength. One common Red Oak, Cherry, Alder, Hard Maple and Walnut material, with closed knots and mineral streaks give an authentic look and feel to both styles of shelving. To complete the look, you can finish the shelves to match your own cabinetry or try one of our stock finishes: Chestnut, Weathered Grey or Espresso.

To complement our rustic shelving, we’ve designed 2 styles of steel brackets in three finishes. The strap bracket wraps around your shelving and adds an element of style to your rustic shelving, while the “L” bracket is reminiscent of turn of the century, hand forged brackets. Raw steel brackets are finished with a clear matte lacquer to preserve the industrial look and prevent rusting. Other finishes include a powder coated matte black or high end stainless steel for a more contemporary flair.



Brown Wood - Booth 3107


Mid-Century Collection

Designs of Distinction's new Mid Century wood line includes columns and bun feet for both furniture and cabinetry. Designed to mimic the classic lines of Danish Modern furniture while complementing today's European style cabinetry and slim line furniture. Slender columns can be used as table legs or island columns and are available with a 24" notch, making them ideal for free-standing vanity applications.

4.5" bun feet fit perfectly in toe kick areas while the 6" and 9" bun feet are available both whole and notched making them extremely versatile for both furniture and cabinetry applications. The collection includes not only bun feet, and island columns, but 29" pedestal table in classic species such as Maple, Cherry and Walnut.



Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products - Booth 3300



BR Glaze

BR Glazes are a unique, water-based coloring treatment for use on cured concrete. Similar to wood dyes, BR Glazes can be used in a multitude of ways, producing subtle tints or bright, dramatic colors. This versatility allows skilled artisans to accomplish any look with concrete, from mimicking natural stone to creating modern works of art.



   Castlewood - Booth 3642

  Castlewood Shaker Kitchen Island Base

    Castlewood by AMS introduces the new “Shaker Kitchen Island
. The Shaker Kitchen Island Base is the newest part of a group
   of kitchen cabinet accessories by Castlewood. These hand crafted
   units are available knocked down, partially assembled, sanded and
   ready to finish. Island bases allow cabinetmakers and kitchen
designers a jump start by utilizing pre-assembled components to enhance their designs. The Shaker Kitchen Island Base is constructed of quality North American Hardwoods and is made available in Cherry, Hard Maple and Red Oak. The knocked down configuration makes finishing the unit easier. A variety of standard sizes include 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” widths. All units come in 34-1/2” height and 24” depth. The knocked down components include Leg Assemblies, Apron Panels and Ventilated Shelving. Components are pre-drilled. Assembly hardware is included. Various options are available including soft close drawers, towel racks, alternate legs and casters. Other available designs include Contemporary and Mission styles.



Century Components - Booth 3433



X-Series Bracket System

Century Components is introducing the X-Series Bracket System for roll-out shelves. The patent pending metal brackets screw to all the popular soft close undermount slides and with a simple sliding/swinging motion the brackets lock into the prefinished solid maple pilasters. Tool free adjustability allows for consumers to easily custom locate the shelves once a kitchen is installed. Kits in standard and full height base & pantry cabinets are available.



   Chemetal - Booth 1700

   Interior Arts 2016 Collection

  Trending colorways and unique textures make the InteriorArts
  new laminate collection different than any other. This new range of 37
  design driven high pressure laminates features distressed industrial
  looks, very usable neutral tones and popular light to medium wood grains. Six new “cement” designs, inspired in part by the popularity of #2005 Cracked Cement are part of this offering. Plus, impressive texture makes the entire collection stand apart. These new designs are part of the InteriorArts collection of over 90 HPL design laminates. They’re GREENGUARD certified for low VOCs and available in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Ideal for vertical use in interior spaces.



Chemical Concepts - Booth 4161



ChemSetTM C-30 Marble Master "Dripless" Seaming Adhesive

Chemical Concept’s Chem-set C-30 Marblemaster is our latest, greatest, seaming adhesive for solid surfaces, engineered stone, marble, and natural stone products. It uses the same cartridge/tip design as every major solid surface supplier in the market, a 10-15 minute working time, and color matching possibilities that are…unmatched!





   Chemical Concepts - Booth 4161

   CounterBalance® IslandBar Mini Kit (20")


    At just 20” length, the IslandBar Mini offers complete support
   of up to 12 inch countertop overhangs. The new design features
   a significantly lower front profile to minimize exposure, and still
   maintains the same, simple installation process.



Chemical Concepts - Booth 4161



Keep-NutTM Starter Kit

Chemical Concept’s Keep-Nut™ is a press-in, mechanically anchored, threaded insert that is generally used in under-mount sink anchoring, wall cladding and furniture manufacturing applications. Each Keep-Nut™ is 1/4" in length and is tested to hold up to 562lbs individually. Installation is also exceptionally fast and simple with various methods depending on your surface.



   Colonial Saw Company, Inc. - Booth 6529

  ABM Premium Robot Loader

   Colonial Saw is excited to showcase the new ABM Premium Robotic Carbide Saw Sharpening Center. The service center will load, probe, top and face grind all common saw blade geometries, automatically allowing for unattended day or overnight operation. The machine’s web interface will alert the owner if it stops running overnight as well as which blades may have been rejected by the probe system and not ground. The onboard camera allows for live remote monitoring and very efficient remote troubleshooting. The machine’s 8 CNC Axis allows it to grind blades of varying geometries from 6 to 24” all in a single setup.



Colonial Saw Company, Inc. - Booth 6529



Lamello Divario P-18

Colonial Saw is pleased to announce the latest innovation from Lamello, the Divario P-18 connector. The Divario is a self-clamping, sliding hardware element that creates completely invisible joints for cabinet shelves, uprights, and dividers.



   CounterBalance / Southco, Inc. - Booth 2824

  Southco Lift-A-SYST® Series

   The Lift-A-SYST® Series is designed to make flip-up counter applications
   safe and reliable by neutralizing the weight of the countertop and providing
   motion control for opening and closing. Southco’s Lift-A-SYST units are
   engineered specifically for controlling the exact weight of heavy flip-up
   countertops weighing up to 150 lbs and offer a tested, repeatable cycle life validated for 100k cycles of operation. With a low profile, one-piece design and aluminum and stainless steel construction, the LIFT-A-SYST® series provides a robust solution that can be easily mounted to a variety of countertops, including quartz, granite, marble, wood and metal.





DAP Products Inc. - Booth 3015



Plastic Wood-X

DAP® has made a simple wood repair application process even easier by adding its patented DryDex® dry time indicator to the performance of PLASTIC WOOD®. Introducing PLASTIC WOOD-X® All Purpose Wood Filler that goes on pink and dries natural letting you know when it’s time to sand and stain.



  DAP Products Inc. - Booth 3015

  RapidFuse Fast Curing Wood Adhesive

   DAP RapidFuse™ Fast Curing Wood Adhesive creates a fast bond
  with incredible strength. Cures in just 30 minutes, ready to plane,
  sand and stain. Works on all wood times, goes two times further
  than yellow glue and causes no swelling damage. No activator required and repositionable up to three minutes.



DVUV, LLC. - Booth 3155



UVMax® 2 Coat- Powder Coating for MDF

An innovative coating solution, UVMax® 2 Coat powder coating for MDF is an excellent for applications in the kitchen & bath, furniture, and architectural markets. The 2 coat powder coating process is an alternative to traditional paint or laminate and offers a significant time advantage, as parts can be finished in as little as 20 minutes with no drying or wait time. Other benefits include no VOCs or HAPs, instantaneous cure, and a highly durable and chemically resistant finish. Powder can also be formulated in a wide range of color options to match to any RAL, Pantone, or supplied color standard.



Ecogate, Inc. - Booth 4570



greenBOX NXT

The greenBOX NXT dust collection system control unit is the latest revolutionary product from Ecogate.

The NXT is designed from the bottom up to give your dust collection system stateoftheart energy efficiency while letting you focus on making products. A sensor is attached to each workstation. When a workstation is in use, its sensor reports this to the greenBOX control unit. The greenBOX opens blast gates to active workstations, and closes blast gates to inactive ones. The reduced air volume requirements let the Power Master Variable Frequency Driver slow down the system fan, which decreases the fan's power consumption.

The NXT is built on technology that powers modern smartphones to deliver all the state-of-the-art functionality you’ve come to expect from Ecogate in a cost-effective package. That means you’ll still get fully automated control of your entire dust collection system, the greatest energy-efficiency in the industry, access to our web-based analytics platform, beautiful monthly reports, and a whole lot more.

Ecogate greenBOX NXT Feature List
● On-demand fan speed modulation to match machine requirements in real-time
● Intuitive graphical interface - control your system from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or another device over wifi via a web browser
● Access to Ecogate’s web-based analytics platform
● Beautiful monthly reports on system performance via email
● Secure remote access from any internet-connected device
● Automatically controls up to 32 gates on a single dust collection system
● Real-time air velocity monitoring at all drops with Ecogate smart gates
● Automatically maintains transport velocities in the ducting



   ETemplate Systems - Booth 4247

  Elaser Xpress CL - Cabinet Layout System

   The ELaser Xpress CL is the newest configuration of the ETemplate digital
   measuring product line. Combining portability, ease-of-use, and speed, the
   ELaser Xpress CL dramatically streamlines the field measuring and design
   layout time for the kitchen, bath and millwork industries.

  The ELaser Xpress is self-leveling, has built in wi-fi for computer connectivity,
  and on-board video with 4x zoom to measure tight areas and outdoors
  (where the beam can fade in sunlight). Our award winning (2006 IWF Challengers Award, Stone Industry 2015 Best Technology) ETemplate Measure Manager software integrates both 2D and 3D measuring processes depending on the needs of the job. With a straight forward icon based interface, Measure Manager allows the user to measure and layout the room using the same methods and tools they use to design it. ETemplate is the only authorized laser measuring partner for Planit – Cabinet Vision, KCD Design, 2020 Design and ProKitchen. 3D models measured with the ELaser Xpress CL flow seamlessly into these design software systems, eliminating errors and data entry redundancy.

The ELaser Xpress CL has an accuracy of +/- 1/16” for kitchen sized rooms, while the ELaser Pro accuracy is +/- 1/32” with a measuring range of 160 feet. The ELaser product line comes with a 3-year warranty when registered with Leica, the number 1 laser manufacturer in the world. ETemplate is the number one 3D laser dealer in the world for Leica lasers, who has sold over 5000 3D lasers throughout the world since



ETP Transmission, Inc. - Booth 6534



ETP Ecogrip ER

With the ETP Ecogrip ER you can easily turn your standard ER collet holder into a high precision hydraulic holder. Thus you can easily enjoy all the positive benefits of hydraulic clamping such as easy handling and precision.



  ETP Transmission, Inc. - Booth 6534

  ETP Hydro-Grip Pencil HSK63F

   ETP Hydro-Grip Pencil is with its extreme slim design one of
  the most versatile holder on the market. An extensive range
  of standard dimensions and lengths optimizes your productivity when machining deep cavities and complex components.



Eurosoft, Inc. - Booth 4746



SquareOne: Job, Part, and Time Tracking Software

SquareOne is an innovative solution for tracking the progress of orders as they move through the manufacturing process. Designed and built by experts in the manufacturing industry, SquareOne is intended to specifically address the uses and requirements of job tracking in a production environment, from ordering parts to shipping the final product, SquareOne is there to detect problems, clock production times, meet deadlines and guarantee orders are complete.



  EXEL North America, Inc. - Kremlin Rexson -
  Booth 3023

  Self-Learning Technology

  EXEL North America is currently testing the new Self-Learning
  Technology with the Fanuc P-350iA robot at our General Industrial
lab located in Plymouth, Michigan. Manufacturers are having difficulty hiring and retaining spray painters. This problem is making manufacturers explore new options to paint their products. Some manufacturers have too many substrates to write a unique robot path for each part. Not all companies hang parts identically, as a result, this makes it impossible for the robot to produce good parts with a pre-written robot path. It is unnecessary to create a unique robot path for each substrate. Each substrate can be different. Parameters can be changed to optimize the robot path and coating consumption.

The parameters are: Gun triggering (lead and lag); Applicator tip speed; Spray pattern overlap; Leading and trailing distance for changing direction of applicator and the ability to smooth out the surface contours of the substrate.


Fastenlink - Booth 4761






Fastenlink™ is a hidden connector system that joins materials in a fast, economical and innovative way. Using standard woodworking equipment, Fastenlink™ simplifies your manufacturing, reduces a large percentage of assembly labor and delivers a finished product free of exposed fasteners. With Fastenlink™, you will never manually insert fasteners again.



  FISCH - Booth 4360

  BLACK SHARK Forstner Bit

  Faster Drilling – Effort-Saving – Longest Service Life The brand-new BLACK SHARK Forstner bit by FISCH stands for fast and precise drilling with less effort. Thanks to the optimized cutting edge geometry the drill performance has been improved significantly. The result is a sharp but effort-saving cutting performance. Due to reduced dynamic friction combined with a 25% increase in speed the runtime of the rechargeable battery of the cordless drill is double the amount. The shank with three flats avoids the slipping of the bit in the chuck and guarantees the longest possible service life. The Black Shark Forstner bit line is available in all common imperial and metric measurements.



FISCH - Booth 4360




The “V-Speed Gun Drill Bit” is the right choice for deep drill holes in softwood and hardwood. While with conventional wood drills, deep holes can only be drilled laboriously with repeated chip removal, the new “V-Speed Gun Dill Bit” with a specially developed single-spiral V-groove shape enables drilling in one working stroke. Thanks to the polished chip space, chip evacuation and performance are significantly improved. Despite the single-spiral design of the V-shape, the drill bit has a high basic rigidity and therefore does not tend to deviate in the wood; thus exactly straight and deep drill holes are possible.

The drill bit is manufactured from high-strength and hardened HSS steel, and thus has an extremely long lifetime compared to standard wood drills.

Available in the following dimensions: Total length 150 mm (6”): Ø3 mm (1/8”) to Ø10 mm (3/8”) Total length 250 mm (10”): Ø3 mm (1/8”) to Ø16 mm (5/8”) Total length 315 mm (12”): Ø4 mm (5/32”) to Ø16 mm (5/8”) Total length 460 mm (16”): Ø5 mm (13/64”) to Ø16 mm (5/8”)



  GREX Power Tools - Booth 4452

  GC1850 - Grex Cordless 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

    SIZE MATTERS. The New Grex GC1850 Cordless 2" 18 Gauge
   Brad Nailer - the most compact and lightest weight cordless
   finish nailer; with NO com-promise on power. Grex has engineered
   the first cordless finish nailer that is similar in size, weight, balance and power as a traditional pneumatic 18 gauge brad nailer. Plus this is all achieved with the same award winning all-metal robust build quality that users have trusted for 20 years.



  Hettich America - Booth 2115

  AvanTech Drawer System

  The newest drawer box system from Hettich cuts a fine figure
  with perfect sleek lines, sharply rounded edges and no cover
caps or holes whatsoever in the high quality 13 mm aluminum drawer side profiles. With the Actro 5D drawer runner, AvanTech makes perfection something you can see, feel and hear. With a loading capacity of up to 175 lbs, AvanTech provides plenty of flexibility in creating kitchens of outstanding design.



Hettich America - Booth 2115



InnoTech Antira Drawer System

With its clear, sharp contours, numerous color options, versatile side elements and attractive interior organization, InnoTech Atira by Hettich provides the perfect mix for greater individuality. The same drawer side profile is always used for drawers and extensions in all InnoTech Atira options.



 Ice Edge Business Solutions - Booth 4246


The i-Cube™ is the next leap forward in revolutionary technology from Ice Edge Business Solutions.

The i-Cube, an intelligent cube, can be used by any casegoods or millwork manufacturer who wants to improve their order accuracy, reduce the number of design and manufacturing handoff points, and deliver a custom product without the extra cost. Capture the information you need from the same file the client approves for order. The information ICE uses to create vivid 3D models of the project is the same information you use for the entire order process.

As changes are made at any time in the design process, information in the bill of materials and pricing reports updates instantly along with the 3D model of your entire project, providing you with up-to-date information.

Custom design is now standard, without additional cost or time for manufacturers. ICE® software creates all of the drawings, models, part numbers and BOMs in real time for each component.



 INVIS by Lamello - Booth 4839

 Upgraded Lamello Mx2 Fastening System

  Invisible, detachable joinery system by Lamello. INVIS is the revolutionary magnet driven connection with an even higher clamping force than before. You get 250kg of clamping force per fastener. With the Mx2 System you can powerfully join workpieces, it detaches in seconds, and the fasteners are completely invisible- no openings, no protective caps, no filler- A Perfect Look!



 King Slide Works Co., Ltd. - Booth 2449

 Silent Self-Closing Slide

  Product Features:
   - Durable damping system with fast response capability.    
   - Enhanced silent self-closing feature with light opening force. 
   - Ultra smooth gliding motion with high rigidity and stability design. 
   - 50,000 life cycles guaranteed under proper installation and normal usage.



 Laser Product Industries - Booth 4152

 LT-2D3D Laser Templator


 The LT-2D3D Laser Templator has been carefully designed to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing production costs and headaches caused by other methods of templating. Our software is custom designed so you can quickly and efficiently learn and excel as a templator. It will export jobs in DXF/DWG/XML/ORD and create customer reports and shop sheets in PDF.

Our new software, named TemplatePro, was created specifically for industries that require full 3-dimensional measurements. TemplatePro will capture measurements and render them in 3-dimensions while on the jobs site. It allows the user to quickly check measurements and verify accuracy before leaving the job. We have just finished integrating it with 2020 Spaces Design Software to allow users to import job files to finalize design and planning before cabinet bases are installed or even fabricated. It also is integrated with Cabinet Vision and JobTracker.

The new LT-2D3D includes a more efficient battery system allowing up to 50 hours of templating before needing to be recharged. Increased battery life while carrying an accuracy of ¬¬± 0.0625” makes it the perfect choice for measuring full rooms or buildings for cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, stairs, shower enclosures, tub decks, windows or anything else you can think of measuring.  We also provide a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty which can be renewed for as long as the owner wants. When views as a whole, it is clear why over 5000 companies have entrusted their business with our laser templators.



Leitz Tooling Systems LP - Booth 5428



ProfilCut Q Premium Cutterhead System

ProfilCut Q Premium Cutterhead System ProfilCut Q Premium is the fastest and most precise insert available today. With operating speed up to 120 meters per second rim speed, ProfilCut Q Premium is 50% faster than existing insert tooling systems. The faster operating speed results in up to 50% faster feed speed, vastly improving machine and operator output per shift.

The Leitz integral ripple knife design optimizes cut quality, by greatly reducing cutting pressure, common defects and scrap loss while drastically cutting sanding and finishing costs. ProfilCut Q Premium includes a newly-engineered lightweight tool body and the most precise insert locating system available. The tool body features a proprietary, advanced seating mechanism which prevents knife movement due to centrifugal forces, guaranteeing the most precise cut, optimal safety, and significantly increased tool life. Knife service life is further extended by Leitz standard Marathon coating. Industry-leading tool life can be achieved with Leitz optional diamond coating.



 Leitz Tooling Systems LP - Booth 5428

 QuattroForm Cutterhead System


  Leitz QuattroForm is a gear-driven, multi-radius, diamond-coated
  edgebander tool which effectively gives you four tools in a single
  unit, greatly increasing machine efficiency and throughput. Leitz
  QuattroForm tooling enhances the machine's ability to efficiently meet the demands of one piece and mass customization, short-run production.

QuattroForm utilizes an innovative indexing system within the tool body that automatically changes the cutting tips to the desired radius or profile. This allows swift profile changes without changing the cutting diameter or re-positioning the spindle. Leitz QuattroForm tooling is available in a variety of radius configurations to meet your exact production requirements.



Leitz Tooling Systems LP - Booth 5428



WhisperCut EdgeExpert Pre-Mill Cutterhead System


Leitz WhisperCut pre-mill edgebander tools feature the industry's first high-shear, field-replaceable, diamond inserts. High-shear tips generate far lower cutting pressures, dramatically improving cut quality, extending tool service life by more than 50x, and reducing machining noise.

The ability to precisely exchange diamond tips eliminates the need to replace the tool body. This dramatically reduces tool inventory, replacement, and service costs. High-shear tools have re-defined the meaning of exceptional cut quality. Leitz replaceable tips make the technology extremely cost-effective.



  Liberon/Mixol - Sepp Leaf Products - Booth 3742

   Mixol Universal Tints

   Mixol Universal Tints - Made in Germany from the highest quality
  pigments. Mixols are known for their high color saturation, a few
  drops go a long way! Offered in 32 colors plus 3 newer Metallic tints. Tint almost anything - stains, glazes, paints, epoxy, glue, grout, silicone, waxes, lacquers, poly's...water bases, solvent based and oil based materials. Mixols are non-toxic, low in VOC's, and won't dry out in the bottle. Mixol now offers 15 Oxide tints within their color assortment. Made from inorganic pigments – these special tints are: *Light fast *Fade resistant *Exterior grade *Designed to tint more complex materials Tint silicate paints and coatings, resin paints and coatings, Insulating varnishes, exterior paints.




LMT Onsrud LP - Booth 5113



Polaris Compression Spiral - A New Kind of Cool


The Polaris Compression is the latest generation of compression spiral cutting tools from LMT Onsrud LP for the routing of panel materials.

Specifically designed for significantly longer tool life in high pressure laminates and fire rated panels, the Polaris Compression uses optimized cutting geometry and wear resistant coating to minimize tool wear in all panel materials.

The innovations used to accomplish this longer tool life include a new PVD coating designed to reduce edge wear in abrasive materials and a pre-coating conditioning process designed to guarantee maximum coating adhesion allowing the coating to provide longer protection of the cutting edges



  Lockdowel - Booth 4240

  Lockdowel Drawer Slides

  Lockdowel Drawer Slides significantly reduce cabinet drawer installation time
  and costs. Lockdowel’s patent pending channel locking technology allows
  users to quickly and easily install drawer slides. ANSI/BIFMA testing, which Lockdowel drawer slides passed, demonstrated that drawer face and drawer box installation could be completed and perfectly aligned in less than 3 minutes with no tools.



Lockdowel - Booth 4240



Lockdowel EClips Fasteners


Lockdowel EClips fasteners lower production costs by dramatically decreasing assembly time with simple slide together (channel-lock products) or push-snap together (H-Clip) motions and eliminating gluing and glue clamps entirely. ECLIPS fasteners utilize a patent pending channel locking technology - and/or - a new one piece snap together technology that allows users to assemble without the need for tools.
   • Lockdowel customers report reducing cabinet assembly time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes after switching to Lockdowel EClips fasteners.
   • The joints are 100% hidden after assembly giving a clean professional look to the final product.
   • Cabinets built with Lockdowel EClips are ANSI/BIFMA certified to hold up to 1550 pounds and are acknowledged by the Woodwork Institute to be in compliance with North American Architectural Woodwork Standards 3.0 (NAAES 3.0)



  Mereen-Johnson - Booth 5567

  Model 524-DDC/SR2+4 Select-A-Rip Saw

   Mereen-Johnson’s new Model 524DDC/SR Select-A-Rip Edging Rip
  Saw is designed to drastically reduce handling and disposing of edgings at the back end of the saw. This saw features precision, glue joint accuracy with two moving edge hogging blades and four moving saws blades providing the ultimate in production flexibility, reducing labor at the back end of the saw, enhancing yield recovery, streamlining production, and improving your profitability. The Model 524DDC/SR will be demonstrated with Mereen-Johnson’s Rip Navigator Scout Optimizing System and New Automated Lumber Loader at IWF, Mereen-Johnson Booth 5567.



Mereen-Johnson - Booth 5567



Scout Loader Automated Lumber Loading System


Mereen-Johnson’s new Scout loader is a fully automated feeder designed to directly offload lumber from bunks to it’s Rip Navigator Scout Optimizing system for more efficient and flexible production. The system features a compact footprint compared to unscrambles or tilt hoists. The new Scout Loader is fully automated and designed to save labor, streamline production, greatly reduce material handling damage, and will precisely transfer each layer of boards through vacuum assist without destabilizing the bunk. Partially used bunks can be returned to stock once production needs are met. The new Scout Loader will be on display and operating at the upcoming IWF show, Mereen-Johnson Booth 5567.



  M.L. Campbell - Booth 2537

  Aqualente® PLUS Water Borne Pre-Catalyzed System

   M.L. Campbell® Agualente® PLUS Water Borne Pre-Catalyzed
  System is a one component, VOC compliant coatings system
  based on advanced resin technology that provides a hard,
  durable, stain resistant finish for interior wood surfaces. This
  technology provides trouble free application with a beautiful appearance mirroring a solvent-based pre-catalyzed system. Agualente® PLUS consists of a sealer, primer and clear topcoats with a full range of sheens. Agualente® PLUS is ideal for cabinets, furniture, display fixtures, paneling as well as all general interior wood surfaces.



M.L. Campbell - Booth 2537



POLARIONTM 2K Acrylic Polyurethane


M.L. Campbell® introduces POLARION™, a GREENGUARD® certified 2K Acrylic Polyurethane wood finishing system. This durable interior polyurethane product line consists of sealers, primers and topcoats, with a full range of sheens utilizing just one catalyst and mix ratio. This simple combination makes POLARION™ ideal for use on conference tables, bar tops, millwork, furniture and cabinets as well as any interior wood surface that requires a hard durable finish.




  M.L. Campbell - Booth 2537

  SL Series

   The M.L. Campbell® SL Series proves that high performance
  doesn’t automatically mean high VOC content. The SL Series
  delivers the same quality finish you’ve come to expect from
  M.L. Campbell® while remaining compliant with the most
  stringent North American VOC content restrictions. Consisting of sealers, primers, pigmented finishes and topcoats, the SL Series is ideal for use on conference tables, bar tops, millwork, furniture and cabinets as well as any interior wood surface.



  MicroJig, Inc. - Booth 4229

  MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamps

   The innovative MATCHFIT Dovetail clamps will be a perfect addition
   to your arsenal because they simplify so many tricky & troublesome
   clamping situations.

MATCHFIT clamps are economical because there’s no investment in aluminum T-track. Just rout a dovetail groove directly into your jigs & fixtures with a common 1/2” – 14° dovetail bit and slide the clamps into position anywhere along the groove. The grooves are 3/8” deep, so you can use the clamps with material 1/2” or thicker.

The problem with conventional clamps is that they place jaws on both sides of your work, usually leaving their fixed jaw right in your way, like when you’re clamping an auxiliary fence to your table saw’s rip fence. By comparison, the MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp is embedded in only the back face of the component you’re clamping, leaving the opposite side completely clear of obstructions.

Because the MATCHFIT engages only one face of a board, you’re also not limited by the jaw depth of conventional clamps – their jaw depth is 2-3/8”, but MatchFit clamps can be placed any distance from the edge of a board. You could even put a clamp in the center of a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood…you probably won’t need to, but you could.

MatchFit clamps can neatly attach fixtures and auxiliary surfaces to almost anything in your shop: Table extensions, sub fences, customizable clamping tables, stop blocks, hold downs, and more.







  Newman Machine Company, Inc. - Booth 6929

  S-270BF-M1 Single Surfacer

  Newman Machine Company has long been known as the
  premier manufacturer of roughing and finishing planers
  in the wood processing industry. The newest addition to the Newman line of finishing planers is the S270-M1 Single Surfacer. The machine features a fixed bed line with a belt feed conveyor bed and idle top feed rolls. The machine is offered with the Newman Helical Carbide Cutterhead in 7” diameter cutting circle and 4 knife rows for high quality finish. The head is powered by 50 HP 3600 rpm direct coupled electric motor. The conveyor feed bed is powered by a 5hp gearmotor for a feed range of 20 to 120 fpm. The machine is capable of processing stock as short as 8” and features a full 36” wide bed width. The machine comes with optional plc controls including automatic set-works and Touch Screen Control panel.



Oneida Air Systems, Inc.  - Booth 7538

Dust Gorilla® Pro True-HEPA Cyclonic Dust Collection System

Oneida Air Systems is proud to introduce the latest evolution of our world famous and award winning product line – the Dust Gorilla® Pro. Proudly made in the USA, this revolutionary system combines the quality and performance of a commercial system with the features and convenience of personal home units. The Gorilla Pro is built to last a lifetime with: full seam-welded heavy gauge steel components (for unbeatable durability); an industrial US-Made fan blower motor (2/3/5 HP models); and a G.E. Certified True-HEPA media filter (MERV 16±) with patented FlameGuard™ technology, to provide the safest and cleanest air for your shop.



  Oneida Air Systems, Inc.  - Booth 7538

  1.5HP Molded Mini-GorillaTM Portable True-HEPA Cyclone Dust


  The new Molded Mini-Gorilla™ is one of Oneida Air's best designed systems
  to date! Made in USA for small shops where the collector is moved from
  tool to tool, the Mini-Gorilla’s compact and lightweight design makes it
  easy to handle and operate; weighing only 85 lbs. with a 30”x36”x64”
footprint. Its industrial-grade 1.5HP motor provides up to 600 Actual CFM, perfect for tools with 4”-6” dust ports, with an ultra-high efficiency cyclone separator that virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss. Includes G.E. Certified True-HEPA media filter with patented FlameGuard™ arrestor technology and unique vacuum hose connection for easy cleaning.



Oneida Air Systems, Inc.  - Booth 7538

Viper Scraper® Wet/Dry Vacuum Tungsten-Carbide Hand Scraping Tool

No matter what you're scraping, no one likes dealing with the mess afterwards. With Oneida Air Systems’ new Viper Scraper® you'll never worry about cleaning up chips and shavings! Our new patent pending tool connects directly to your wet/dry vacuum hose, automatically collecting debris at the source. Ideal for paint scraping, stucco/textured surface removal, hardwood floors, lead abatement, and boat repair. Scraping is made easy thanks to the Viper's unique, ergonomic design and high-textured grip. Molded from an industrial, fiberglass-reinforced nylon resin, this tool includes a reversible Tungsten Carbide blade for long lasting durability. Proudly made in the USA!



  OVVO - Booth 2700

  OVVO® Connection System

  The award winning OVVO® Connection System is a simple push-fit
  solution for joining materials together without the use of traditional aids, glues or screws. It is a totally invisible connection solution with an internal self-clamping design that forms a solid bond between two pieces of material. The OVVO® Connection System allows for a variety of joints and angles.

OVVO® have a range of connectors that are designed to work in different board thickness and materials.

Benefits of using OVVO® Connection System: Simple one step milling process; Greatly increased productivity; Enormous time saving for on-site assembly; Totally invisible, tool free and easy to use; Unique snap or slide connection design; DIY, Tradesman and Manufacturer accessible; Can be used in a wide range of materials and applications; Flat-pack capabilities significantly reduce transportation costs.



Onsrud, C.R., Inc.  - Booth 5013


Osync™ offers users real-time monitoring of their CNC machinery through one singular portal. The clean interface offers an expandable dock and drop-down windows into all of the relevant CNC functions. As the central brain of an automated manufacturing environment, the predictive analytics assist in operating to maximum efficiency and output. The monitoring capabilities provide the ultimate service coverage in the industry by connecting directly to our technical support group. Live monitoring machine operation, we have the means to observe potential problems or inefficiencies, and make suggestions or possibly eliminate breakdowns before they occur. C.R. Onsrud will be running Osync™ live during IWF 2016 (Booth 5013) - offering real-time monitoring of our demo machinery.



  Panolam Surface Systems  - Booth 3223

  Modern Odyssey Collection

   The Modern Odyssey Collection™ from Nevamar offers an exceptional
  design palette to create spaces that inspire individuals and the environments
  they create. This nature-inspired laminate collection offers a versatile palette
  with rich color tones, realistic finishes, warm woodgrains, and eclectic
  abstracts that combine contemporary aesthetics with an inviting sense of nature.



Putsch & Company  - Booth 7835

Putsch® Alucenter Vertical CNC Router

Safe, precise and ergonomic, the Putsch® Alucenter Vertical CNC Router offers complete point-to-point capability through a unique, space-saving design. Weighing in over 5500 lbs., the machine offers tremendous stability for exact cutting, drilling and routing. The machine is framed with a light barrier that will immediately stop operation to protect anyone or anything that inadvertently enters the work area during machining.

Sheet material and parts are securely held to the 13 ft. x 5 ft. (400 cm x 160 cm) work surface by five (5) user-selected vacuum zones (250 m3/h). There are ten (10) tool holders to offer the operator complete machining flexibility, while the tools are driven by a 5 1/3 hp / 24,000 rpm spindle.

The easy to program CAM 2D software offers simple on-board optimization via macro parametric and DXF with a nesting available. The Alucenter CNC will also accept desktop-optimized cut list from a legacy CAD-CAM software. The operator workstation features a generous 22" LCD color screen, with USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Why a Vertical CNC Router?
• Recover valuable floor space
• Easy to load and unload
• Dust falls to the ground for cleaner grooves
• Automatic operation reduces human error
• Automatic tool changer for flexibility
• Complete X-Y-Z movement
• Nested operation to reduce waste
• High production speeds for faster ROI



Red Horse USA, Inc.  - Booth 4667


WINBAG is a very powerful hand operated inflatable shim made of fiber reinforced material. It is designed to provide a maximum pressure of up to 300 lbs. and can be used to replace shims and wedges in a wide variety of applications. It gives the user infinite adjusting possibilities for example when installing windows, positioning heavy doors, leveling furniture, kitchen cabinets and household appliances.



  RSA Solutions - Booth 5074


  Production Coach is a management tool using existing data coming
  from engineering (Cut List or Bill of Materials). The system tracks the materials as value is added to them. (Panel cut to parts, parts being machined, parts being edge banded, parts being assembled, assemblies being shipped etc.) The primary focus on the system is to prevent starting assemblies without all of the parts, manage broken parts, enhance communications from engineering to the craftsman, prevent incomplete shipments, and enable production managers to know the completion status on all work orders in the factory. Getting this technology up and running can be achieved in one week. The deployment of the data collection process is designed by factory managers and based on what they want to track. This technology is economical and arms management with important information to keep them aware of the current real time status of production and deliveries.



  Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. - Booth


ALPHABOX, a new generation drawer system with outstanding modern lines and minimal design; provides great convenience for both user and manufacturer with its flawless usage, functional attributes and the ease of assembly and installation.



Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. - Booth 2849


INSPIRATIONAL SILENCE - Soft and silent movement features of D-Lite Lift provide maximum comfort in lift-up cabinet doors. Cabinet doors can be stopped at a desired level by gradually opening feature. D-Lite Lift is designed and produced with the innovative perspective of Samet to cover minimum space in cabinet.



  Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. - Booth


SAMET Face Frame Hinge, new generation product of SAMET Hinge Systems, designed by SAMET R&D center, ensures silent and smooth furniture door closing performance for face frame cabinets. Specially developed integrated soft – close mechanism was installed in the hinge cup to provide the hinge with more stable function. SAMET Soft Close Face Frame Hinge provides 3D movement; inside&outside, upward&downward and forward&backward with use of adjust features.



Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. - Booth 2849


TOUCH THE HIGH-END DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY SMART FLOW drawer system combines flawless design with functionality through its customisable structure and advanced technical features that helps to create exclusive living spaces.



  Samet Kalip ve Madeni Esya San ve Tic A.S. - Booth


THE MOST VERSATILE CONCEALED UNDERMOUNT DRAWER SLIDE SYSTEM - Innovative design meets high expectations. Either you build a kitchen or bathroom, or a dovetail drawer for your wardrobe; Smart Slide offers you a wide range of possibilities. Smart Slide face frame single and full extension slides are designed exclusively for face frame, overlay and inset applications.



Saw Trax Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Booth 4828

Scoop Dolly

Unique design allows the dolly to operate like a set of hand trucks but unlike standard hand trucks once loaded and tilted back the load on the Scoop Dolly remains stable without needing to be supported by the operator. Load it and walk away! The dolly supports the weight of the load not the operator!



  Seradex Inc. - Booth 4252

Seradex is a leader in ERP business systems for the Woodworking Industry. AppBox is the new face of ERP applications. Designed to enhance the overall user experience as well as add exciting new features to the OrderStream application. AppBox gives users a “Windows 10 experience” without upgrading the computer’s operating system. In addition, it offers unmatched personalization, customizations and integration to third party application including MS Office 365.



Seradex Inc. - Booth 4252


DBOX is a portal that provides access to quotes, orders, shipments, account information and much more. Your customers, dealers and employees can securely access real-time information anywhere and on any device browser. DBOX is fast and seamless to implement, requires no additional infrastructure, is secure, reduces customer service inquiries and is available 24/7.



Stevens Industries, Inc. - Booth 2337

Legno Collection, Tokaj Alder Dual-Side

Innovation meets inspiration, in the StevensWood Legno Collection with dual-sided synchronization. Unique in the market, materials in the collection precisely register texture to woodgrain. With the advent of dual-sided technology, Legno is ideal for cabinets and closets, retail installations and hospitality furniture.

The graceful Tokaj Alder offers sweeping cathedrals and rustic, yet clean appeal. It evokes a borderline reclaimed look in structure, with more movement and character than taciturn, straight-grain designs. Each species in the Legno Collection provides myriad color options, empowering designers to create a space alive with vibrant wood tones and custom elegance. Rich hues ranging from the rugged warmth of the dark chocolate Vina, to crisp, clean pale tones of Siberian are available. Inspired by European designs, this advanced approach for furniture and wall panel application creates the intricate, urbane product for which architects and designers have been searching.

The colors and textures are so true to real wood, that manufacturers previously using wood and veneer are making the proactive decision to use precisely-matched thermofused laminate from the Legno collection. Stevens Industries Inc. is the first manufacturer in the United States to produce embossed in registration panels for furniture use.



Sugatsune America, Inc. - Booth 1453

J95-24/25T Concealed Cabinet Hinge

Sugatsune’s J95 is the most heavy-duty Euro style hinge that minimizes the number of hinges needed for large cabinet doors. Optional hinge and mounting plate overs are available, as well as face plates for glass door applications. Load capacity: (55lbs) / 2pcs, (88lbs) / 3pcs. Maximum door width: (31-1/2” / 2pcs, (35-7/16”) / 3pcs. Clip on type for easy installation; Available for Full overlay (25mm), Half Overlay (16mm), and Inset (0MM). Available for wood and glass applications.



  Surfprep Sanding by Dixon - Booth 4335

  Surfprep 3" x 4" Sanding System

SurfPrep is the new name in woodworking. When it comes to preparing a surface to stain, primer, lacquer or any topcoat sanding, SurfPrep is your go-to. The foundation of the SurfPrep Sanding System was built with extreme attention to detail in manufacturing from abrasives and sanders. Today, we’ve continued carving out new products with the focus of reducing both labor and sanding material costs; widebelts, film discs/sheets, paper discs, air/electric sanders and more. The best finish begins and ends with SurfPrep!




Tensor Adhesives - Quin Global - Booth 3319

TensorGrip F40 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

F40 Aggressive Tack Spray Adhesive: Designed for versatility with a long open time and high tack level with excellent strength for bonding a wide variety of substrates including foam, carpet tile and thick or thin fabric.



Tensor Adhesives - Quin Global - Booth 3319

TensorGrip L10N Non-Flam Contact Adhesive

L10N: Non-flammable high performance industrial spray contact adhesive formulated for bonding decorative HPL (high pressure laminate) to a variety of substrates including bender board, laminate and wood layups.



Timbermate Group - Booth 1223

Timbermate Water-Based Wood Filler

For use on wood, masonry, plaster, flooring, drywall, concrete, metal or fiberglass.

Timbermate is a true water-based product. It contains no acrylic or solvents, toxins or VOCs. Use it full strength to patch, add water to trowel or grain fill. It is durable. It will not shrink, sink, crack or fall out. It is a no waste product, as it has an unlimited shelf life. If it dries out, simply add water and stir to reconstitute. It is freeze thaw stable. If it freezes, simply thaw out. It accepts all types of coatings, stains and colorants, either water or oil based. Use the natural tint base for custom color matching. Can be tinted in wet state or overstained when dry. It is heat and cold resistant. It is non-flammable.

Available in 8 oz., quart, gallon or 2-1/2 gallon sizes.



Timbermate Group - Booth 1223

Waxstix Touch Up Sticks by Timbermate

Waxstix are made of synthetic wax, not beeswax. Synthetic wax offers more versatility than beeswax. Waxstix can be top-coated, and there is no “halo” effect. Waxstix can be rubbed or melted over the damaged area. It is recommended to melt the waxstix, as that method provides superior coverage over the fill area. Colors can be combined for a custom color match.
To Apply:
    • For small scratches, rub the stick across the damaged area (against the grain) or melt.
    • Remove the excess by rubbing with the smooth side of a plastic scraper.
    • Buff with cloth.
    • Topcoat if desired.
Available in 10 colors.



TigerStop LLC - Booth 6769


TigerSaw 1000 is designed to greatly increase the yield, speed, and accuracy at which manufacturers can process raw material into finished parts. Currently, most component cutting is done manually with a tape measure and use of manual stops. This can be slow, inaccurate, and costly. TigerSaw 1000 will greatly increase throughput, setup time, and productivity, while reducing scrap waste.

The TigerSaw 1000 Crayon Defect Marking system allows operators to quickly remove defects by placing a crayon mark around knots, wane, splits, coloration, etc. Crayon Defecting combined with Dynamic Optimization™, gives operators the ability to achieve the maximum yield, and in most cases, shops using FAS or Select are able to downgrade to #1 Common. This is typically a 30% to 40% savings in cost of material. TigerSaw 1000 allows the operator to cut exactly what he wants, when he wants it- perfect for custom, just-in-time manufacturing.



TigerStop LLC - Booth 6769

TigerSPC Calipers

TigerStop has introduced TigerSPC, a caliper set designed to easily make quality control measurements for parts as long as 16 feet.

Measuring and documenting your machining processes, in addition to selecting, verifying, and maintaining metrology equipment for those processes, can be complicated. Asking operators to measure from hole-to-hole on one piece, and then from hole-to-end on another piece can be challenging and time consuming.

TigerSPC calipers are affordable and designed to help eliminate these problems. With its easy to use snap in jaws, you can change from holes to miters to overall measurements in seconds without losing calibration. Available with optional TigerStop tables, the calipers can measure material up to 16 feet with +/- 006 in (.15mm) accuracy. Optional TigerSPC software logs measurement data from TigerSPC and allows you to export as a .csv file so you can import data to your other Statistical Process Control Programs.

TigerSPC makes it simple for your operator, ensuring accurate measurements every time.



TigerStop LLC - Booth 6769


Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerTouch, an innovative software solution for fully automated material processing.

TigerTouch operates on an easy to use touch-screen tablet interface and works with any TigerStop system for accuracy on cut off, punching, boring, and a variety of other applications.

Saved offsets and importable cut lists means it is easy to train operators to make error free cuts. TigerTouch provides a highly sophisticated visual representation of the operation, allowing the operator to see what he is cutting, before he cuts it, greatly reducing errors.

TigerTouch is equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with a large 12” touchscreen. Load up to 3 cutlists that can be used for cutting multiple widths or grades. Pack/panel allows cutting of multiples or random width material. The operator can load and use, or manually create, pack/panel lists.



Valinge Innovation Sweden - Booth 4119

Threespine - Click Furniture Technology

Threespine™ click furniture technology enables furniture assembly in seconds without using any tools, screws or other conventional fittings. Now even furniture with miter joints can easily be clicked together for a clean look, with parts seamlessly joined together without any end grain exposed.

Threespine™ is developed by Swedish R&D and IP company Välinge Innovation. In 1994, Välinge pioneered the concept of glue-free click flooring that changed the way people install and use floors. The technology has evolved over the years and has been used in more than 1.2 billion m2 of installed flooring worldwide. Today, Välinge has over 1,300 granted patents within flooring, furniture and surface technologies and a license base of more than 180 licensees.  



  Vero Software Inc - Booth 4613

  VORTEK Space (distributed by Cabinet Vision)

  Export your Cabinet Vision jobs into VORTEK, and take your sales
  presentations to a whole new level. VORTEK Spaces is an easy-to-use, interactive and high-impact 3D visualization software tool that will allow you to truly wow your prospective customers. VORTEK Spaces allows for: Limitless showroom; Interactive walkthroughs; Instant material changes; High-quality material library; Live interactive lighting control; 360 interactive viewing on your tablet; Native touch screens support; Fast project import from Cabinet Vision Version 9 (and above); Custom waypoints; Shareable screen and video capture; Easy sharing through email or social networks (including Youtube); Sketch and other camera effects If you are running Version 9 you can export your Cabinet Vision jobs straight into VORTEK Spaces to show off your designs- live and interactively! Use your computer or tablet for personalized presentations for your clients, with the ability to scale up to 3D TVs, VR headsets, immersive displays and the latest technology to convince your buyers. Create stunning personalized videos and other media in no time.



  WoodCraft Solutions LLC - Booth 8166


  The PantoRouter is a precision woodworking joinery machine. Precise
– repeatable – mortise and tenon – simple angle joinery – compound
angle joinery – multiple mortise & tenon – custom shaped mortise & tenon – fast & accurate dovetails – fast & accurate box joints – The uses are limited only by your imagination!